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September 1st, 2010

Acres 4 Life Founders to be on Hour of Power

Charlie & Suzette Schafer, the founders of Acres 4 Life will appear on the Crystal Cathedral International Ministries Hour of Power program featuring Dr. Robert H. Schuller.  They will appear live at the Crystal Cathedral on September 19, 2010 and it will air on TV throughout the world on October 2 & 3, 2010.

Charlie & Suzette will share about their first travels to Uganda, what they experienced and how they felt God leading them to create Acres 4 Life. They will share the current vision for Acres 4 Life and how they plan to use farm development to help feed orphans in Uganda, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all these children and use farm development to teach sustainability.  The Acres 4 Life vision is growing food, giving hope through development and Glorifying Christ in all that we do.

August 9th, 2010

Acres 4 Life Partnering to Build a Farm in Sudan

We are so excited to announce that we are in the beginning stages of our first farm outside of Uganda.  We are partnering with Micah 6:8 Sudan to build a farm that will feed and teach orphans in the country of Sudan.  Dann Barbakoff, president of Micah 6:8 Sudan has recently returned from a trip to Sudan and confirmed that they are proceeding with their project.

Mr. Barbakoff announced that he met with the Sudanese government about purchasing 10 acres to start the orphanage project.  After discussions with local and national government officials, he has very excitedly announced that the government is donating 400 acres of land for this project.  We are thrilled and amazed and the blessing this is and the opportunity to help more African children.  They are still working on the details of the land but Dann informed us that one potential site is in Bor Town, Jongelai which would be 400 acres along the fertile Nile river.

The other possible site is in the city of Torit. Torit is also a region known for its rich land and agricultural potential. In this area, it is believed that the land is so rich that an assortment of fruits and vegetables can be grown without much need for fertilizers.

Acres 4 Life is so excited about this project in our ongoing purpose of feeding orphans and teaching orphans how to farm for their future.  This new project in Sudan will be like all of our current farm projects in Uganda.  We will partner with local people and train them how to build the farm, maintain the farm and sustain the farm as a valuable food supply for their local community.  This project is another step in our effort to feed orphans in Africa and do our efforts to spread the Love and Hope of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

August 9th, 2010

Royal School Uganda

Acres 4 Life is partnering with Royal School Uganda for a new farm project to feed orphans in Africa.  Todd Phelps and the other leaders of this ministry have decided to do a week long prayer and fasting event to seek God for direction with their ministry.  As a proud partner of Royal School Uganda, we wanted to share with you all this opportunity.  If you are interested in participating with them, please go to this link and learn more from their blog.

July 15th, 2010

Acres 4 Life and God Cares School Expanding Sustainable Farm Efforts

Acres 4 Life and God Care’s School in Uganda have announced that they are currently seeking to expand their current farm operations in order to provide more food for the kid’s at Buyamba’s God Care’s School.  Currently, God Care’s with the help of Acres 4 Life has an 8-acre farm that provides primarily corn for the kids at the school and orphanage. In an effort to continue providing food for African children, both the Buyamba Organization and Acres 4 Life have decided to seek out more land to expand the farm to provide more food to the children in need.

Currently, Buyamba provides education for approximately 900 children and houses 150 orphans.  The school is currently in the process of raising money to expand it operations and build a 5-story high school.  Additionally, Acres 4 Life is currently working on adding curriculum as part of its efforts to educate children on farming operations in an effort to provide tangible skills as well as food for children attending schools or living in orphanages that are supported by Acres 4 Life farms.

If you would like more information about Buyamba’s school and program, their website is  If you would like to help Acres 4 Life with donations to help expand farming operations throughout Africa and the rest of the world, you can visit our donation page at

June 3rd, 2010

Chicken coop coming soon to farm in Mubende, Uganda

Exciting news for the Mubende farm.  As you know, the Mubende farm helps feed orphans in Uganda and students at Mulete Orphanage and School. Next month a team of students from Pepperdine University and Oaks Christian High School will spend part of their summer going to Uganda and building a chicken coop for our farm.  The chicken coop will hold 200 birds and yield approximately 1,000 eggs per week.  We estimate that each chicken will produce 1 egg every 30 hours.  We included a picture the chicken coop that is already built and operational at our farm in Bethany Village. We will build the same type of structure as in Bethany Village but smaller as we have 500 chickens at our farm in Bethany Village.

We are so excited for this new food source and to be able to provide a protein food source to the children of Mulete Orphanage and School.   Thank you all for your support.  We have more news coming about a new farm in Bijiri, Uganda too.  Stay tuned.

May 14th, 2010

Acres4Life New Website

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Acres4Life website! This site is designed to keep you in the loop of all of our most recent activities, events and news from each farm so that you can see every Acres at work in Uganda.

Feel free to browse through our blog, our newest Media section, or even connect with us on Facebook and spread the word about Acres4Life!

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