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Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Acres 4 Life and God Cares School Expanding Sustainable Farm Efforts

Acres 4 Life and God Care’s School in Uganda have announced that they are currently seeking to expand their current farm operations in order to provide more food for the kid’s at Buyamba’s God Care’s School.  Currently, God Care’s with the help of Acres 4 Life has an 8-acre farm that provides primarily corn for the kids at the school and orphanage. In an effort to continue providing food for African children, both the Buyamba Organization and Acres 4 Life have decided to seek out more land to expand the farm to provide more food to the children in need.

Currently, Buyamba provides education for approximately 900 children and houses 150 orphans.  The school is currently in the process of raising money to expand it operations and build a 5-story high school.  Additionally, Acres 4 Life is currently working on adding curriculum as part of its efforts to educate children on farming operations in an effort to provide tangible skills as well as food for children attending schools or living in orphanages that are supported by Acres 4 Life farms.

If you would like more information about Buyamba’s school and program, their website is  If you would like to help Acres 4 Life with donations to help expand farming operations throughout Africa and the rest of the world, you can visit our donation page at

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