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Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Chicken coop coming soon to farm in Mubende, Uganda

Exciting news for the Mubende farm.  As you know, the Mubende farm helps feed orphans in Uganda and students at Mulete Orphanage and School. Next month a team of students from Pepperdine University and Oaks Christian High School will spend part of their summer going to Uganda and building a chicken coop for our farm.  The chicken coop will hold 200 birds and yield approximately 1,000 eggs per week.  We estimate that each chicken will produce 1 egg every 30 hours.  We included a picture the chicken coop that is already built and operational at our farm in Bethany Village. We will build the same type of structure as in Bethany Village but smaller as we have 500 chickens at our farm in Bethany Village.

We are so excited for this new food source and to be able to provide a protein food source to the children of Mulete Orphanage and School.   Thank you all for your support.  We have more news coming about a new farm in Bijiri, Uganda too.  Stay tuned.

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