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The Acres4Life Program

As a 501(c)3 organization, Acres4Life relies on donations to run our organization and help feed widows and orphans throughout the world.

There are many ways that you can get involved to help Acres 4 Life start building self-sustaining farms so that thousands of Ugandans(current farms) and hungry people throughout the world can have a consistent supply of food, water and hope for their future.

Whether you are an individual, member or a group, organization or church that wants to get involved. We have options for you to support a farm.

Individuals who want to give can do so online.

Get involved and help building farms the easiest and fastest way by becoming a fan on Facebook(add logo and link). Our current sponsor Candybox Marketing will donate $1 to A4L for every new fan up to $5,000. Please help to spread the word on Facebook by sharing our page and by making a donation on our website.

If we can find 3,300 individuals who are willing to donate $400 each, we will be able to build out our current project which is a 110-acre farm that will feed approximately 3,300 people, employ over 300 people and give hope to the entire community. Will you help us raise the $1,320,000 needed to complete this project?

Small Group or company? Want to get your community involved and build a 10-acre farm for our friends around the world? Click Here for information on how your group can get involved to help build a 10-acre farm. We have the resources to help you promote your project and raise the funds necessary for "your" farm. Then, when the time is right, you can coordinate a trip with A4L to visit your farm and see how your hard work, money, prayers and dedication have helped thousands of people with fresh water and daily food.

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