How it works

developing their future...

  • Stage 1

    Stage 1

    We purchase land and turn it into sustainable farms to feed thousands of people

  • Stage 2

    Stage 2

    We hire local people to help with clearing the land and with preparing it for farming

  • Stage 3

    Stage 3

    We build barns for livestock, dig a well, build the infrastructure for farming and begin to plant seeds

  • Stage 4

    Stage 4

    Harvest time! Harvesting food and feeding thousands of people every day for years to come!

The Acres4Life Program

Acres4Life Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.

Donation People Fed Everyday Make Claim
$60,000 for 5 acres 150 people Claim 5 Acres
$12,000 for 1 acre 30 people Claim 1 Acre
$6,000 for 1/2 acre 15 people Claim 1/2 Acres
$3,000 for 1/4 acre 7.5 people Claim 1/4 Acres
$1,500 for 1/8 acre 3.75 people Claim 1/8 Acres
$1,000 for 4083 Sq.Ft. Claim this Land
$500 for 2041 Sq.Ft. Claim this Land
$100 for 408 Sq.Ft. Claim this Land
$20 Donate $20
$10 Donate $10

Acres4Life Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization

Fast Facts:

  • Currently farming 55 acres of land and feeding about 1500 people with daily meals.
  • Our goals with each farm is that it is self-sustaining within 3 years and gives 2-3 meals per person per day.
  • Each farm will continue to feed people and provide shelter as long as the farm is maintained. There is not a need for continual sponsorships from abroad for local people to receive food, water and shelter. We are able to move on to the next farm and continue to help hungry and hopeless people throughout the world.
  • Each 5-acre farm includes cattle, goats, chickens and 3-4 harvest per year of fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits if possible.
  • Each 5 acre farm offers fresh drinking water within the safety of the farm so children do not have to fear abduction while walking miles and miles just for fresh drinking water.
  • Our goal is for every farm to have its own subterranean food storage facility to extend the freshness of all the food grown on the farm and worker housing if possible.
  • 1 acre of land can feed between 30-35 people depending on the yield.
  • It only takes $60,000 to launch a 5-acre farm (based on current estimates)
  • That is $400 per person to launch a 5-acre farm and begin to feed 150 people
  • Your donation will be applied to complete the farm and feed about 3,300 people, employ approximately 15 people and give hope to the local community.

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